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Get Sewing and Get Glitzy

Hello, my name is Karen. I have always been interested in looking my best. My mum used to make all my clothes when I was growing up, so there was always a sewing machine on the kitchen table and pieces of fabric hanging up on the wall. When I was a little girl, my mother began to teach me how to make my own clothes. From that moment on, I was hooked. I would spend hours putting on my mother's makeup and trying on her clothes. I am currently at fashion school so I decided to start this blog to demonstrate all I have learnt so far.

DIY Home Hair Removal - Which Option is Best?

For as long as the earth has been round, women have struggled with the dilemma of how to remove unwanted body hair.  A particularly bad offender in the body hair category is that of facial hair, which, if left to grow, can be unsightly and even offensive! However, given the myriad of facial hair removal options available, many women don't know what is best for them.  So, for every woman who has struggled with unwanted facial hair, here's an overview of the different hair removal options available, and how regularly you need to employ each:  Read More