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Hello, my name is Karen. I have always been interested in looking my best. My mum used to make all my clothes when I was growing up, so there was always a sewing machine on the kitchen table and pieces of fabric hanging up on the wall. When I was a little girl, my mother began to teach me how to make my own clothes. From that moment on, I was hooked. I would spend hours putting on my mother's makeup and trying on her clothes. I am currently at fashion school so I decided to start this blog to demonstrate all I have learnt so far.

Lip Enhancement Options To Make You Look Younger

As you get older, the skin on your face becomes less elastic. This can mean that your lips become less clearly defined, less plump and thinner. So, how can you tackle these ageing affects and bring back your youthful pout?

Lip fillers

Lip augmentation using fillers is one way of rejuvenating saggy or thin lips. The old-fashioned 'trout pout' of the 90s has been replaced by more sympathetic and natural looking products, including hyaluronic acid.

You can have lip augmentation filler treatment carried out at a good cosmetic surgery clinic or spa in as little as one hour. Local anaesthetic is used to numb the lips and the filler is then injected into the target area.

The effects are immediate and last for around six months before repeat treatment is required to maintain the look.

Cosmetic lip plumpers

An alternative to surgical treatment comes in the form of cosmetic lip plumping products. Lip plumpers can be bought from your local beauty salon or in good chemist shops. Choose from lip gloss, balm or gel.

Lip plumpers contain active, natural ingredients including mint, ginger, wintergreen or capsicum, which all work by irritating the skin of the lips, causing them to redden and swell slightly. You apply the product as a primer underneath your lipstick or gloss and you can accentuate the effect by adding a dab of shimmering highlighter powder to the central area of your lips.

Although lip plumpers are very effective, the effect is only temporary and generally wears off after an hour or two.

Permanent makeup

One of the effects of ageing is the fading of the natural colour of the lips. A good way of correcting this without having to continually apply lipstick is to have a permanent makeup tattoo applied.

Permanent makeup is carried out using vegetable pigments, rather than ink. The pigment is embedded into the upper layer of the skin by the clinician using a traditional tattoo machine or by hand and takes a few hours to complete. You can choose to have a lip liner applied to correct the loss of definition around your lips and could also have the whole of the lip filled with colour.

Permanent lip makeup should last for a year or so, although it will fade as time passes so you will need to have it touched up every now and then.

In conclusion

If your lips are giving away your age, you can plump up your pout by considering one of the treatments outlined above. For more advice on lip enhancement options, have a chat with the experts at your local beauty spa or clinic.